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Welcome to Daminarof

Buy From China’s Leading Agriculture Products Exporters at Best Price

Welcome to Daminarof! One of the leading agriculture product exporters in Ethiopia. We have been exporting agricultural commodities to the massive amount of customers and business partners in different corners of the world.

As one of the most reliable and largest agriculture products exporters in Ethiopia our products are distribute worldwide which includes bulk quantities of oilseeds, cereals, natural gum, organic pulses and all kinds of spices.

Our years of dedication and commitment to deliver best agriculture products Daminarof stand out from the crowd. Being the largest agriculture products exporters and suppliers, all of our products are hand-picked from organic farms which are directly deliver to you. We have highly skilled and professional workforce that stays in touch with the farmers 24/7 to ensure premium quality and consistency.

All of our agriculture products are packed in eco-friendly packaging bags that keeps the freshness of the products intact.

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Now You Can Get The Best Quality Agricultural Products at Lowest Prices.

Being a reputable exporters of top-quality agricultural products, it has ways been our utmost priority to supply a versatile range of products at the best price, which could be able to use for multiple necessities. Hence, all agricultural products supplied by us can be used for following purposes;


Since most of the oilseeds are edible in nature, so there are used for home cooking. For example, sunflower, mustard, and sesame seeds.

Use for health purpose

Majority of the oilseed meal consists of proteins and high contents of essential amino acid which are beneficial to human health and wellbeing. It further helps in preventing malnutrition and food insecurity.

Industrial Use

Oil seeds are also beneficial for industrial use, they are used for making soaps, fertilizer, biodiesel, animal feeds, paints, cosmetics, and medicine. For instance; flax seed

Exporters of Premium Quality Agriculture Products

Daminarof is proud agriculture products exporters offering highest quality products that are especially packed and regulated under environmental friendly atmosphere.  We know how important is healthy, balanced and nutrient-rich food is for you.  We have our own organic farms where we grow all types of pulses, organic oilseeds, cereals, gums and spices that are exported to various countries across the globe. We always love to meet and exceed customer expectation in terms of quality, taste, and price.

Buy Complete Range of Agricultural Products at Huge Discounts

Daminarof offers complete and comprehensive range of freshly picked farm fresh agriculture products at best prices. Our agriculture products picked from the farms goes through rigorous quality testing and controlling to make every products is fit and is up to the highest quality and health standard.  The products then goes into the packing facility where the packaging bags are especially designed to keep the products safe, healthy and fresh for a very long period of time.

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